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Organizing Your Home with Mason Jars

So I really like using mason jars to store different types of food. Did you know you can use mason jars outside of the kitchen area to keep your belongings organized? Mason jars come in a variety of sizes, so using mason jars allows for more versatility. Listed below are some clever ways to use mason jars around your home.

– Q-tips
РDental Products (floss, small tube of toothpaste,    toothbrush)
– Cotton balls
– Make-up brushes
– Make-up (lipstick, lipgloss, mascara, etc)
– Lotion dispenser
– Hand Soap dispenser


– Spices
– Herbs
– Flavored water packets
– Store sugar, flour, cornmeal, pasta, etc
– Cookies and brownies in a jar (give as a gift or use yourself at home)
– Frozen fruit for Smoothies
– Drink container (remember drinking lemonade and/or kool-aid when you were a kid)
– Canning / Preserving food
– Salad in a jar (add your favorite toppings, next add your favorite green leafy vegetable (spinach, dark green lettuce, etc.), then add the salad dressing when ready to eat)
– Cupcake liners
– Salt and Pepper shaker (drill small holes in the lid)
– Snacks

Living Room

– Candle holder
– Pens / pencils holder
– Candy holder
– Lamp
– Tissue holder
– Diffuser using essential oils

Craft Room
– Sewing materials (needles, thread, paper ruler, etc.)
– Ribbons
– Twine
– Arts & Crafts

Dining Room

– Centerpiece
– Flower Vase
– Napkin and napkin holders
– Utensil holder
– Light fixtures
– Grow herbs and/ or small plants

Kid’s Room

– Legos
– Small toys (happy meal toys, shopkins, littlest pet shop, etc.)
– Crayons and markers holder
– Paint and paint brushes
– Hair accessories
– Snow globe
– Lava lamp
– Small electronics (phone, chargers, cords, etc.)

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