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Family Wall Calendar

Is your family so busy these days you can barely keep up with everyone’s schedule, let alone your own? Well then, a family wall calendar might be the solution for your family. I know things can get pretty hectic sometimes with my own family. One child needs to go here and the next minute another child needs to go someplace else. It’s hard sometimes being a parent. But it doesn’t have to be if you use a family wall calendar.

First, write down the daily activities and appointments for each family member (Mom, Dad, and each of the kids) for a complete month. Next, either use a pre-made calendar or make your own family wall calendar. You can make it look like a regular calendar or you could make a simple column for each person in your family with the dates of the month going down the first column. Make the squares big enough to fit multiple activities and appointments if you have more than 2-3 people in your family. Color-code each family member’s activity or appointment with a different color. For example, mom may have all of her appointments and activities in orange while all of dad’s appointments and activities are in blue. Write in each activity (use a blue pen or marker for dad) on your calendar or you could use small colored Post-It Tabs.

The nice thing about using the small colored Post-It Tabs is that you can write on them, they can be repositioned and they stick securely.  So if an activity or appointment is rescheduled to another date, simply move the Post-It tab to that date without having to write it on the calendar again.

Make sure to mark birthdays, sleepovers, school vacations, play dates, sleepovers, haircuts, dance class, music lessons, concerts, rehearsals, camp, practices and any big games the children will participate in. Don’t leave anything off of the calendar, no matter how insignificant you may think it is. Tailor the family wall calendar to your family’s activities and appointments. If you are married, don’t forget to pencil in “date night” at least once a week to keep the romance alive. Also, pencil in a “date night” with your children too. Each child would love some one-on-one time with mom or dad instead of having to share it with their brothers or sisters. This will give you a chance to really get to know your child on a much deeper level. Who knows, after a few “dates”, your child might feel more apt to share something with you they never would have had a chance to share with their siblings around.

By using a family wall calendar, it will help you to keep everyone’s activities, appointments, classes and work schedule separated by each person. The best part is that everyone in your family will automatically be able to look at the calendar and know what activities or appointments they have scheduled for that day.

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