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Meal Planning – Kitchen Organizing (4th Post)

Hopefully, with the 4th of July holiday, you had an opportunity to take inventory of the food products in your kitchen and/or pantry. Congratulations, you should now have a complete printed view of everything (either on an app or paper) you have purchased in the last few months. Pat yourself on the back because this is a huge triumph! Did you find items you forgot you even bought from the grocery store? Did you have multiple purchases of a particular item? If so, was it because your household eats this particular food product frequently? Could it possibly be because your kitchen / pantry is disorganized?

It’s now time to pull out that list of meals you and your family previously put together in Meal Planning (2nd Post). With your list in hand, search for the recipes online, then print the recipes or you can use an app to keep track of your favorite and newly found food recipes. I have used an app called Copy Me That ( Feel free to check this app out for yourself. While using this app, you can copy a recipe from any website with just one (1) click. How cool is that? Pretty cool! Another reason I like Copy Me That is because it’s a free app. Free is one of my favorite words.

If you’d prefer to print out your recipes instead of using an app, you will need to decide how to keep track of all your printed recipes. May I suggest using a hole puncher and a standard 1″ or 2″ three ring binder with divider tabs for each section to make it easy to find a recipe in the future. I also use this method because I like to print the reviews from other people. I find that people will list key information in the reviews such as letting others know not to add the full amount of salt because it causes the dish to be too salty. Whether using an app or printed recipes, the object is to save yourself time. You don’t want to spend a lot of time thinking about all the ingredients needed for each recipe, especially if you are meal planning for a week or a month.

What if you don’t own a printer or it’s currently not working? Well, you could write it down by hand either on index cards or notebook paper. It will take you a bit longer to write down all of your recipes, but know that it can still be done. I have done this when my ink cartridge(s) needed to be replaced and I had yet to buy more printer ink (too expensive and far too few pages printed per ink cartridge). Now all that is left is to find someplace in your kitchen to keep your recipe binder for easy access. If using an app, your recipes will always be a touch away.

If you would prefer a Professional Home Organizer in Nashville, TN and the Middle Tennessee area to meal plan for you or provide kitchen organizing because of other family obligations, please contact Mess or Blessed? at 615-710-8718. Mess or Blessed? would be so grateful to help you and your family meal plan for as long as is needed.

If you choose to use the Copy Me That app or any other app, leave a message below and share some of your family’s favorite meals.

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