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The Fantasy

So, how many times this month have you found yourself looking in one of those magazines where every room in someone else’s home is spotless and organized? Once, twice or everyday? You flip through the pages longing for your humble abode to look exactly like the pictures in the magazine. Next, you may find yourself beginning to think of different ideas and color schemes for each room. Then reality sets in; you can’t have that “perfect” room until you figure out what to do with all of your stuff. Your dreams are crushed as fast as they came into your mind. You think to yourself, “I could possibly hire someone to help me, but first I’ll have to clean up all this stuff!” “I don’t want anyone to see my house like this!” So you make a plan to “clean” and “organize” your home all by yourself, but instead of making room for your brand new ideas, you create more piles of your stuff. How did this happen? You were going to rid your home of unwanted “things” in order to experience serenity and bliss. Now you just have stuff everywhere. Surely, you can’t hire someone to help you now because things are worse off than before you started to “clean” and “organize”. There goes your plan to finally have an organized home.

It’s interesting how so many people who actually want assistance from a Professional Organizer believe the above scenario. This thought process often prevents you from actually getting the assistance you need. A lot of people are convinced that they need to get their “home in order” before they can hire a Professional Organizer to help them get their space organized. This is so far from the truth! A Professional Organizer that really has a passion for helping people get organized would rather see your space as it truly is instead of you trying to create a facade or fantasy. As a matter of fact, it’s more helpful to the Professional Organizer to see how you really operate in your own surroundings. You might already have a system that is working for you in a particular area of your home that could be used in another area of your home to keep you more organized.

You don’t need to “clean” or “organize” your home first before allowing a Professional Organizer to help you. Just be yourself and let the Professional Organizer assist you with everything else. You’ll feel less stress and frustration in the long run.

So what are some of your reasons you have yet to hire a Professional Organizer? Please leave your comments below.

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