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20 Back to School Morning Routine Tips


If your kids’ back to school morning routine makes you feel like you are in a whirlwind, here are some simple tips your family can incorporate into your back to school morning routine.

1. Use a school uniform calendar
2. Keep a morning routine schedule posted in several areas to keep everyone on track (use pics for young kids)
3. Have school lunch already cooked and stored in containers in the refrigerator
4. Keep the backpack at the front door
5. Lay out clothes and shoes the night before school
6. Keep daily must-haves in the same area you get dressed
7. Time each part of the morning routine to figure out the total amount of time needed to get ready in morning.  Then add 20 minutes extra for wiggle room
8. Use a meal planning calendar for a variety of breakfast meals and school lunches
9. Give yourself 5 – 10 mins to fully wake up / pray / meditate before your day starts
10. If your child showers in the morning, have towel and shower accessories already set up in the bathroom
11. Use a morning routine app
12. Set alarm clock for each child (preferably 10 – 15 mins apart so multiple children are not in same area at once or fighting over the bathroom
13. Start morning routines a few weeks before school starts for better cooperation
14. Parents wake up and get ready well before your kids wake up (you will be able to focus on them and help as needed)
15. Have bowls / plates and utensils in a place where kids can reach themselves
16. Wake up to music / play songs everyone really likes to keep your childmotivated
17. Only allow electronics after your child has completely finished with all tasks and there is still time before he/she has to go
18. Make sure everyone gets more sleep than needed to stop tantrums and defiance (a well rested child is able to follow directions easier)
19. Encourage others in your family to motivate each other to keep everyone on track
20. Offer a special incentive on the weekend if everyone gets ready on their own without much prompting (decide beforehand if the child(ren) will pick the incentive or the parent)

Did I forget to add a tip that is a tried-and-true favorite in your household? Feel free to leave a comment below. I’d really like to hear your suggestions.

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