Decluttering Kid’s Toys Without Tears

So both of my children have way too many toys, in my opinion. So many, that some toys don't see the light of day for months. So their technique is to pull out every toy even if they have no intention of playing with it. The problem comes when it's time to clean up all… Continue reading Decluttering Kid’s Toys Without Tears

Laundry Systems

Does laundry seem to pile up in your home so fast that you can't seem to keep up? What is a person to do with all those dirty clothes? Push them under the bed or in the back of the closet? No! Well one way you could eliminate spending a full day doing laundry is… Continue reading Laundry Systems

20 Back to School Morning Routine Tips

If your kids' back to school morning routine makes you feel like you are in a whirlwind, here are some simple tips your family can incorporate into your back to school morning routine. 1. Use a school uniform calendar 2. Keep a morning routine schedule posted in several areas to keep everyone on track (use… Continue reading 20 Back to School Morning Routine Tips

Back to School Morning Routines – School Uniform Calendar

For some children, school begins in less than a week (August 1st for one of my children). It's now time to start thinking about school schedules and morning routines for the little ones. Your child(ren) may wear school uniforms or be lucky enough to have some freedom in their choice of clothing. In my household,… Continue reading Back to School Morning Routines – School Uniform Calendar