Thank you so much for helping me to clean and organize my bedroom!  I can see the floor again and I can move around freely in my bedroom!  Yay!  I can’t express how wonderful it felt to be able to stretch out and sleep in my bed last night.  Also, the very next day, I was able to attend worship services on time.  That is a first in a VERY long time!  My friends were so shocked to see me there early.  Normally, I would be rushing, looking all over my bedroom for my belongings, but not today.  Before Mess or Blessed? helped me clean and organize my bedroom, I was sleeping on a very small section of my bed and I was always running late for important events.  Thanks for giving me a piece of my life back.

–  A. B. of Nashville, TN

Mess or Blessed? is very organized!  Mess or Blessed? did a great job organizing my bedroom.  Give Mess or Blessed? a call if you need a room organized.

– S. P. D. of Nashville, TN


Mess or Blessed? will not share any of your information nor any details, without first receiving your written consent.

Request a free phone consultation

Please feel free to request a free phone consultation by contacting me at 615-710-8718 or by email .  I will respond back to you within 24 hours.

Mess or Blessed? is a first-rate Nashville, Tennessee professional organizer on FindMyOrganizer.com!

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