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Children’s Art Display Ideas

So if you are like me, you probably have saved almost every art project your child has created in school.  That’s A LOT of paper! Over time, you could be looking at a huge pile of artwork.

Now, you don’t want to throw it away because what if, two months from now, your little one was to ask you “Mom, where is my caterpillar that I made you?”  Well, you certainly don’t want to be that parent who has to make up a lie to cover up the fact that you threw it away the very next day!  Hey, it happens sometimes.  Whether by accident or not.

In a week, your child could bring home several pieces of artwork he/she created while at school.  Your refrigerator can only hold a limited number of artwork before you won’t even be able to see the handle anymore.  If you have more than one child, then you really have to juggle which artwork gets displayed on the refrigerator.

One way to prevent piles of artwork all over your home and possibly hurt feelings is to take a picture of your child’s artwork and upload the picture into a digital photo frame. By uploading the pictures into a digital photo frame, it allows you to throw away the actual artwork without feeling guilty.  At the same time, you still get to relish all of your child’s precious artwork anytime you want.  So when grandma or aunt so-and-so comes to visit your home, they too can be amazed at all the different artwork your child has created over the years.

Another option, if you don’t already own a digital photo frame or have no plans to purchase one, would be to take a regular picture frame and add several pieces of artwork inside each frame.  Each week, change the artwork until you have shuffled through them all.  Use as many picture  frames as you need to proudly display your child’s artwork in different areas around your home.

What are some other ways that you display your child’s artwork?  Feel free to leave your comments below.  If you need assistance with organizing school artwork or any type of paperwork, please email Mess or Blessed? or call 615-710-8718 for a FREE phone consultation.

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