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Organizational Tips for Seniors

Do you know of a Senior citizen who could benefit from some organization in their life? Are you worried about your parent(s) or your grandparent(s) living in their home alone? The last time you visited their home, did you notice some “red flags” that automatically caused you to worry about the wellbeing of your loved ones? In order to reduce mishaps, falls or other serious injuries, I have gathered some important tips that could be implemented in the home of any Senior citizen.


– Put everyday items within arms reach (tv remote, food, toiletries, etc.)
– Hang a complete outfit on one hanger (including underwear, socks, belt, etc.)
– Keep floors free of items to prevent falls and make moving around easier
– Add a shower chair or rail to bathroom / tub
– Use labeled pillboxes for daily medicine
– Set up bills on automatic draft system (reduces paperwork and the need to “remember” if / when to pay multiple bills)
– Buy slip resistant shoes
– Keep important paperwork filed away in a safe / firebox (make an extra key, if possible)
– Buy one universal remote for electronics / tv
– Use a shoe rack to store shoes (use an over the door shoe rack to reduce the need for bending over or set a shoe rack by the front door)
– Put hard to open items into other containers for easy access
– Wash clothes frequently to prevent laundry buildup (see blog post Laundry Systems)
– Keep laundry supplies on top of dryer to reduce the need to reach up or down
– Move big, bulky furniture around to open up more space (ability to move around more freely in your home)
– Install a hand-held shower head
– Make sure smoke alarms are working (replace batteries every few months to ensure it will work if/when needed)
– Get in the habit of carrying cordless phone / cell phone wherever you go (inside and outside of the home) just in case of an emergency or fall
– Meal plan / meal prep for a week at a time (read blog post Meal Planning (2nd Post) and Meal Planning (3rd Post) and Meal Planning (4th Post)
– Get rid of old / expired food
– Use a big desk calendar to keep track of / schedule doctor appointments (easier to see)
– Schedule weekly outings a week in advance to ensure transportation (if no longer driving)
– Add medium sized bins or containers inside the refrigerator to help keep the refrigerator clean and organized (label each one)
– If there is a pet in the home, empty big bags of pet food into smaller, easy to open containers
– Put away out of season clothes using bins, totes or plastic bags that the air can be removed from
– Hang up hooks on wall to store broom, dust pan, mop, etc.
– Purchase a shredder for junk mail instead of placing in the trash (identity theft)
– Use a digital photo frame for pictures (have a tech savvy person set it up for you) see blog post Children’s Art Display Ideas
– Hire someone or find a non-profit that provides light housekeeping and / or meals for Seniors

Hopefully, by incorporating some or all of the above tips, you can rest a little easier knowing that your parent(s) or grandparent(s) home is organized in a way that will complement their way of life.

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