Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a Professional Organizer?

A:   A Professional Organizer uses various proven systemsto provide organizational and productivity skills to peoplewho want to achieve a certain goal in their life.

Q:  How do I know if I need a Professional Organizer?

A:  Are you frequently losing items? Do you keep forgetting where you put items that you use on a regular basis?  Have you frequently purchased multiple items of the same product?  Do you have household paperwork and mail spread out in different areas of your home?  Are you often late to work or events because you can’t find something?  Do you have a “room” that no one can use because of clutter?  Do you have boxes of items that haven’t been opened in months?  Do you feel there isn’t enough time in the day to complete all the tasks you need to complete?  Do you often pay late fees because you forget to pay the bill on time or you forget where you placed the bill?  If you answered “Yes” to one of the above questions, then you would greatly benefit from hiring a Professional Organizer.

Q:  How can a Professional Organizer help me?

A:  A Professional Organizer can help you manage your life so you are able to spend more time with the people who matter the most to you; family and friends.  Also, a Professional Organizer can help you reduce stress, become more productive in life and provide a new-found freedom from disorganization.  Further, a Professional Organizer can assist a client in meal planning for their busy family, declutter and organize  one room or a whole house, sort and file household paperwork, mail management, moving and relocating and various other services.  Please take a look at the Services page for a complete list of services Mess or Blessed? provides to clients.

Q:  Would I be giving Mess or Blessed? free reign to go through my stuff?

A:  No!  Mess or Blessed? will work with each client at their own comfort level.  If the thought of someone coming into your home touching your items bothers you, I can provide a less “hands-on” approach by verbally walking you through the steps needed to organize your space.  If you prefer a more “hands-on” approach and you are ready to dig in and get it done, I would be happy to help you through the entire process.

Q:  What geographical areas do you serve?

A:  Mess or Blessed? provides services within a 25 mile radius of Nashville, Tennessee.

Q:  What is your process for helping clients?

A:   First, I start with a brief phone consultation with a potential client to find out if Mess or Blessed? is a good match for a potential client. Next, an in-home consultation is scheduled with the potential client. This 30 minute or less in-home consultation will allow Mess or Blessed? to assess your goals for a particular project.  Also, during this in-home consultation, Mess or Blessed? will be able to provide the client with an estimated time line for completing their proposed project.  Afterwards, both the client and Mess or Blessed? agree in writing (signed contract) on the type of service(s) and length of time Mess or Blessed will be providing assistance in their home or business.  Lastly, we get to work!

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