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Chore Chart

Believe it or not, but everyone in your family can pitch in to help keep your home clean and organized. Even toddlers can help out in their own little ways. The more people you have helping with housework will greatly reduce your stress and increases your energy, mood and time with your family.


Do you have a family member who really enjoys cooking? It might be your son or possibly your husband. Why not use this to your advantage by adding it as a “chore?” Since your son / husband already likes to cook, to him it won’t be considered a “chore” at all. In the end, it will give you a break a couple days out of the week. You can now leave it up to someone else to figure out what to cook. Also, your son will learn important life skills needed later in life. As an adult, you don’t want him popping up at your house everyday for dinner because he never learned how to cook, do you?


Toddlers really enjoy helping mom or dad around the house. It makes them feel like a big kid. How many times has your toddler voluntarily asked you if he/she could sweep or vacuum the floor? In your haste to “get it done quickly,” you probably denied your toddler the opportunity to feel self-worth and to grow independent. So the next time your child asks if he/she can help you clean the house, respond excitingly with “Yes!” It won’t be long before they will stop volunteering and you will be begging them to help around the house.

How to fairly distribute chores among family members 

  1. Make a list of various chores on a piece of paper (Add chores that family members already enjoy doing freely)
  2. Cut the chores into slips of paper
  3. Place the slips of paper into a ziplock bag
  4. Shake up the Ziploc bag to evenly distribute all chores
  5. Have each family member, one at a time, reach into the Ziploc bag for their chore(s)
  6. Add the name of the family member and the chore(s) to the chore chart for that week
  7. When the week is over, have each family member pick another chore from the Ziplock bag

Depending on the amount of chores originally placed inside the Ziplock bag, no one person should get the same chore week after week.  This will help with “chore burnout” and also improve participation especially if a particular chore is not hard to accomplish each day (ex. take out the trash daily).

Does your family use a chore chart?  How do you keep your home clean and organized? Leave a comment below with your own tips and ideas.

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