Hello, I’m Takisha Allen, a Professional Organizer in Nashville, TN and Owner of Mess or Blessed?. Thank you for taking the time to visit my website.  First, let me say that I represent God,  my family and myself in everything I do in life.  My values, morals and ethics fall in line with what and whom (GOD) I truly believe in.  My Spiritual gift is Serving.  I was created by GOD to help others in their time of need.  My drive is to demonstrate love by meeting your practical needs.

As a Professional Organizing business in the Nashville, TN area, Mess or Blessed? helps people take better care of their loved ones by making their life easier to manage through organization.  I enjoy working with all types of family structures; nuclear family , stay-at-home mothers, working mothers, homeschooling family, single parent family, extended family, childless family, stepfamily, grandparent families and special needs family.

My passion is organizing and helping families of all types to live in a stress-free, clean, organized and clutter-free home. When your home is unorganized, you will find that other parts of your life suffer as well. Your time is too precious to be spending most of it looking for your things.

Remember, in order to clear out the MESS, you’ll need to

M – have a mindset change AND be motivated to change

E – Erase the past

S – simplify everything (simplify, simplify, simplify)

S – put systems into action
Then you will truly be able to enjoy a BLESSED life!

B – A Beautiful

L – Logical, Legitimate Living Space (in an)

E – Enhanced Environment (that has been)

S – Streamlined (to your)

S – Satisfaction (using / with)

E – Effective tools (to make)

D – Decisive, Disciplined choices (in the future)
Mess or Blessed? will not share any of your information nor any details, without first receiving your written consent, in regards to any of the services you receive from Mess or Blessed?.

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