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Does laundry seem to pile up in your home so fast that you can’t seem to keep up? What is a person to do with all those dirty clothes? Push them under the bed or in the back of the closet? No!

Well one way you could eliminate spending a full day doing laundry is to wash more often to lighten the amount of laundry you have to do at one time.  Wash a load when you first wake up in the morning. By the time everyone has showered / bathed, that load of clothes should be ready to toss into the dryer. Once you get home, fold or hang up the clothes from the dryer. If need be, start another load right before you start preparing dinner. By the time dinner is served, put the clothes in the dryer. The trick is to do laundry while you are busy accomplishing something else, so it doesn’t feel like you are spending all of your free time “doing laundry.”

Another way to make laundering easier on yourself and place more responsibility on other family members would be to wash all of only one person’s clothes at a time.  For example, today you would wash dad’s clothes and tomorrow kid # 1’s clothes and the following day wash your own clothes.  I know this might sound weird, but in this manner, you don’t have to sort through everyone’s clothes at one time.  You would end up saving yourself a lot of time to enjoy doing something you really like.  Further, if one family member’s clothes are usually more stained / soiled than others (dad’s work clothes or Junior’s clothes / sports uniform), you can easily get out all the stains at one time and not have to worry about other family members clothes becoming stained as well. How easy would it be to put the freshly laundered clothes in a laundry basket and hand it back to the person the clothes belong to? Make it their responsibility to fold or hang up their own clothes. Since the entire load would be their own clothes, no one will be able to give you an excuse that they are waiting on you to sort everyone’s clothes.  What do you think?  Leave a comment and let me know.   Don’t forget to contact Mess or Blessed for all your organizing and productivity needs.

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