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It’s now summer break and most parents are anxiously trying to figure out what to feed their children for breakfast, lunch and dinner. When the kids were in school, maybe the only thing you had to worry about was dinner because your children ate breakfast and lunch at school. You often might hear these words throughout the day “Mom, I’m hungry!” I know in our household, I hear this sentence about every other hour. Another phrase you may be well acquainted with is “Mom, what’s for dinner?” If either of these two phrases causes anxiety, panic or frustration, boy do I have a tip for you that will save your sanity and always answer the most famous question “What’s for dinner?” (feel free to insert breakfast and/or lunch).

So what is this tip you so desperately need? MEAL PLANNING!

Meal Planning allows you to free up a lot of your time of trying to decide what to feed your family. Also, it reduces the amount of time of standing in front of an open refrigerator hoping a meal or meal idea will just pop out at that very moment. I know this scenario would happen quite often at our home before I started implementing meal planning into our daily schedule. The actual process of meal planning is not hard, but actually following through with the plan may be the hardest part for some people. In the next few days, I will walk you through how to meal plan for yourself or your family.

Now the first thing you need to do is decide if you will meal plan for a few days, a week or a whole month. I normally meal plan for a whole month because I don’t have to sit down each week and go through the steps again of figuring out what to feed my family. You do what works for you. There is no right or wrong way to do this as long as you follow through each and every time.

If you need help right away, I am just a phone call away. Let me help you meal plan for your family and make eating with your family more pleasant and less stressful.

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