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Back to School Morning Routines – School Uniform Calendar

For some children, school begins in less than a week (August 1st for one of my children). It’s now time to start thinking about school schedules and morning routines for the little ones. Your child(ren) may wear school uniforms or be lucky enough to have some freedom in their choice of clothing. In my household, to keep both kids from changing clothes several times in the morning, I have set up a school uniform calendar for each day of the school week.

How many times have you seen this scenario: your child(ren) standing in front of a closet full of clothes, but yet, according to them, they have nothing to wear to school on that day. They try on multiple outfits just to turn around and take them right off. And where do the clothes end up? On the floor or scattered all over the bed. Then, after being very patient, you state, “Just pick something and let’s go!” With an upset face and an outfit they still aren’t happy with, your child(ren) storms out the front door.

What if I was to tell you there is a way to remove this whole scenario each and every school day? Would you believe me? No?! Well there is if you use a school uniform calendar or a school clothes calendar. Well how would I do that, you ask? Grab a monthly calendar you can write on, use a calendar app or either make your own using plain old pencil and paper.

Gather your child(ren) and get their input on what they would prefer to wear on each day. If they wear a school uniform, then planning each outfit will be easier than if they were to wear regular clothes each day. Make sure whatever they choose to wear falls within the school dress code policy. If using a calendar app, just type in a description of an outfit (including shoes) on each school day of the week (ex. White polo shirt, black pants and white/black Nike shoes).

School uniforms should be scheduled where a different color shirt and pants are worn each day (if that is allowed). Try not to wear the same colors on the same day week after week. This will get boring to the child after a couple of weeks and the child(ren) may revert back to their old ways. Switch it up where each color is not worn again for at least a week or more, if possible. Also, when scheduling regular school clothes on a calendar, try not to repeat an outfit for at least two weeks to keep it fresh.

Following the schedule should reduce the amount of frustration for you and your child(ren) during the morning routine for school. Leave a comment below letting me know if you would be willing to try this with your child(ren) this school year. Of course, you can also request some information¬†by phone or email if you need some assistance or you don’t have enough time to complete the calendar yourself. ¬† Below is a School Uniform Calendar PDF document that you can print.

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School Uniform Calendar

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