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The family gathering area called the living room

Is your living room a catch-all for all of your everyday possessions or are you using your living room for the purpose it was truly designed for? It is so easy to drop everything down in the living room once you get home, but over time and if not properly maintained, this can create clutter and disorganization.

Back when I was growing up, no one was allowed to go in the living room unless company came over to visit. Oh, how you were happy when someone came to visit because you finally got to sit on that couch you’d only been able to stare at from another room. There was plastic on all the furniture. I can still hear the sound of the plastic clinging to my legs whenever I stood up from the couch. (LOL)  The living room was as sterile as an operating room. I know I’m not the only person who remembers this, right? Or perhaps it was only like this where I lived.

Nowadays, the living room is more “lived in” than decades ago. Sometimes, we spend more time in this area of our home than any other place. Why? That’s where the television is generally located. If we take just a few minutes each day to properly place our everyday possessions in their proper place, we can combat clutter and disorganization. How would you describe your living room? Is it more “lived in” than you would like it to be or is your living room perfect as it is? Please feel free to leave a comment below about how your family uses your living room and if clutter has taken over this popular living space.  Enjoy the rest of your day.

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