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Things You Might Not Know About Being Disorganized


  1. You will spend a lot of time searching for the same item(s) even though your brain has tricked you into believing it’s not misplaced 
  2. You will be stressed out a lot
  3. Disorganization always starts out small, but it can quickly get out of hand
  4. You might start to blame others (family or friends) for your disorganization because it’s easier than having to deal with the truth
  5. Deny, deny, deny that you have a problem until you actually believe it to be true
  6. Other people possibly won’t understand nor tolerate your lack of organization 
  7. You might not receive an annual raise due to being so disorganized 
  8. It affects more people than you might imagine 
  9. It can ruin relationships 

#1 – scenario –  yesterday, while searching for your ______________, you found ____________.  A few days later, you actually need _______________, but now you don’t remember where you put it.  It was put it in a spot you thought you’d surely remember.  

#2 – A LOT!!!!!!!!!!  People will avoid you like the plague.  They will take alternate routes just to avoid you.

#3 – Imagine that once small pile of mail that has now grown and taken over the dining room table.

#4 – “If you would have _____________, then I wouldn’t be having so many problems finding my own stuff.

#5 – If you repeat a lie often enough, you actually start to believe it to be the truth

#6 – It can be hard to watch someone over and over make unwise choices.  After a while, your friends or family might not have any patience when it comes to you being disorganized 

#7 – Yes, it is possible, especially if your lack of organization caused an important project to be delayed or other tasks were not completed in a timely fashion.

#8 – You are not alone

#9 – Relationships with family, friends, coworkers, etc. 

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