Organizing Dates With Your Children

So we know how important it is to “date” your spouse, but did you know it’s also very important to go out on dates with your children. It doesn’t have to be anywhere fancy. You don’t even have to dress up, if the occasion doesn’t call for it. All you need to do to prepare for a “date” with your child is to find out what he/she is currently interested in and plan an activity around that particular interest. “It couldn’t be that easy, could it?” Yes, it really is that easy!

Let’s say you are a mom who wants to take your son out on a “date.” So a week or so beforehand, start asking inquiring questions like “What’s your favorite hobby or sport?” “What movie preview has piqued your interest the most?” “If you could do anything (legally and age appropriate, of course) for a day, what would you choose to do?” Be a kid detective! Actively listen to your child and how he answers these questions. Try not to put your own spin on a hobby or activity that he enjoys and really wants to do with you. It will not be enjoyable for him, if you make this experience about you. This is your chance to be a kid again and actually get to enjoy your child without having to worry about too many responsibilities. Along the way, maybe four (4) or more dates in, you can start having some more in depth conversations about what is currently going on in his life. Try to be a listening ear only. This is not the time to try and fix his life unless he asks you for your help or your opinion. Try to schedule a “date” once a week with your child(ren). Soon your children will be looking forward to these “dates.”


Now, on to some “date” suggestions for you and your child;
– grab a pizza
– visit Chuck-E-Cheese (even older kids can still have fun)
– Go to a movie
– Go to the Park
– Enjoy a concert
– Play Laser tag
– Visit an Escape Room
Go-Kart riding
– Play Putt putt golf
– Swimming
– Play favorite video games
– Go skating
– Play a favorite sport
– Play with Legos
– Play kickball
– Play board games
– Paintball
– Get some ice cream
– Make slime or silly putty
– Get ice cream
– Go to a new restaurant
– Go to the zoo
– Go to an arcade (bring LOTS of quarters)
– Go fishing
– Take a class together
– Build something together
– Arts and Crafts

What are some date ideas you think your child might enjoy? Leave a comment below.

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